Bokumjari, The good news came from the natural.

True to the original, Bokumjari

Warm sunshine, clear water and blue wind make healthy fruits.
And then, Bokumjari fully fills gratitude to the nature into them.

The taste and quality of our goods has been recognized by consumers for about 20 years. We think the reason that being part of all branches of domestic main department stores and Large-scale Hyper market, exporting to leading countries in food field such as USA, Japan and etc. were possible was our reliable fruit products.
Bokumjari would like to process all sorts of fruit harvested in Korea and serve them on your table. So, we hope ‘Bokumjari’ come into your mind when you think safe and delicious fruit products. We will be Bokumjari that makes the most reliable, clean and safe foods now and for ever.


For Bokumjari to be come up
with in your mind when you think delicious food, wonderful food, safe products!

We will make ourselves as a company that makes the most reliable products.

Bokumjari that has begun with love for precious family
and neighbor has become leading brand symbolizing fine fruit product.

Bokumjari has used selected fruits as raw materials with heart to
make food for family and fully has filled gratitude to the nature into them.

Even now, 20 years later, the heart at that time has not changed at all.

For Bokumjari to be come up with in your mind when you think delicious food,
wonderful food, safe food,
We will remain as a company that makes the most reliable,
clean and safe foods now and for ever.

We sincerely would like to thank customers that have believed
in Bokumjari and have generously shown concerns and love as ever.

CEOYunsang Yoo

Eco-friendly company that resembles the nature

Bokumjari brand contains philosophy honesty that contains the nature as it is and
purity that resembles the nature.


Brand logo consists of straight stroke that we can feel truthfulness from but
is finished so that we can feel warmth and softness. It expresses trust that Bokumjari brand promises and
nature friendly spirit that is a brand basis is motive of ‘Nature’ and symbolized.

Bokumjari Nature is growing wrigglingly with vitality and 3 fruits symbolizes indomitable will and belief to create happy food culture by representing the grace of the nature, truthfulness of ground

Symbol Color

In case that symbol mark is in colors, the background color should be white as a rule, but various colors background colors could be used within a range that makes the symbol mark image come into view well.

When symbol mark is applied, the background color should be white as a rule, but if white background is not available to be used, it should be considered first if expression of symbol mark is possible.

Also, shape and ratio should not be transformed and prescribed shape should be used.

We will do our best to keep to produce the food
products by following the rule under hygienic
environment and to make reliable foods at all times.

Promise of Bokumjari will be continuously kept now and for ever.

  • Raw Material Import

    The best quality fruit Raw Materials are put into the warehouse.


  • Raw Material Selection and Mix

    If washed and selected Raw Material, we select again according to the strict standard of Bokumjari.


  • Cooking

    According to fruit type or condition, fruit is cooked by Know-how of our own that is the most suitable for the fruit.


  • Product Filling and sterilization

    sterilizes products manufactured according to the strict standard and contain them into glass container and evacuate it of air.


  • Product Packing and Label Work

    This is the last process to commercialize product. Labels are attached on the sterilized products. Finished products are suitability-tested for sales and packed.


  • Product Export

    Supplies products that are in boxes in the warehouse to across country.


Headquarters and Food R&D Lab

9th Floor, Ace Pyeongchon Tower, 361, Simin-daero,
Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
H.Q: #901 / Food R&D Room: #909

Tel : 031-360-8800(Main)FAX : 031-360-8822

By Subway
10 minutes by walk from Exit 3 of Line 4 Pyeongchon Station

By Car
Seoul Beltway - Pyeongchon IC Entry – to the direction of Anyang City Hall Sadang Station Intersection – Namtaeryeong Station – Gwacheon IC – to the direction of Anyang City Hall

Nonsan Factory

28, Saneopdanji-ro 3-gil, Seongdong-myeon, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, S.Korea

Tel: 041-733-0962(Main)FAX: 041-733-0961

By Car
Gyeongbu[Seoul-Busan] Expressway - Cheonan Nonsan Expressway- W.Nonsan IC Entry - Nonsan Industrial Complex


  • 연금보험

    (국민연금, 고용보험,
    산재보험, 건강보험)

  • 휴무/휴가

    주5일 근무/연차

  • 자녀학자금 지원

    근속자 대상

  • 보상제도

    인센티브제, 우수사원
    포상, 퇴직금 등

  • 경조금 지원

    각종 경조금, 경조물품
    지원 및 경조 휴가

  • 종합건강검진

    (근속자 및 배우자)

  • 기숙사 운영


  • 통근 버스 운영

    출/퇴근 버스 운영

  • 사내건전단체 운영

    건전 단체 활동에 따른
    지원금 지원

  • 각종 선물 지급

    근로자의 날, 명절
    선물지급, 한마음대회 등

  • 채용제도(수시채용)

    홈페이지 인재풀 등을 통해
    소요인원 발생 시, 채용을 진행합니다.

  • 평가제도

    핵심역량평가(KPI)를 통한
    조직(부서/팀)과 개인평가를

  • 급여체계

    연봉제와 호봉제 직군으로
    나뉘어 운영됩니다.

  • 승격체계

    기타자질 등의 종합적인 평가를 통해

대상그룹의 계열사인
대상에프앤비(주)와 함께하는 인재를 찾습니다.

“자연을 닮은 자연친화적인 기업” 대상에프앤비에서,
열린 채용을 통해 꿈과 비전을 함께할 인재를 기다립니다.